Q: Is Freeman Reiff Construction licensed bonded and insured?

A:  Yes, we are!  You can feel confident and have peace of mind that our license is and has always been in good standing, there are no unresolved complaints, and we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Q: Why should I hire a licensed contractor, as opposed to an experienced “handyman” who might be cheaper?

A:  The cost of buying and owning a home or business is probably the biggest investment made by most people in their lifetime. Property owners therefore often look for the lowest price when looking to build or remodel a home. Since most unlicensed contractors are not bonded or insured and do not pay into the residential contractors’ recovery fund or pay any unemployment compensation for their workers, they can often under bid the licensed professional. This bottom line may at first be attractive to the property owner, as a way to lower costs and save money. Most of the time, it is not, and by hiring unaccountable skilled labor, many people lose their money, or worse, end up with an improper or dangerous product.

Q: Do you charge for an estimate?

A:  Never!  After contact, we will schedule a time to stop by and look at your project.  We will discuss the scope of work with you, ask questions to make sure we are on the same page, and answer any questions you might have.  From there we will be able to quickly put an estimate together and email it to you for your consideration.

Q: Can you help me with obtaining plans and necessary permits?

A:  Yes! We are a full-service building contractor and can handle all your drafting needs, engineering, and planned submittal. Some areas require the use of an architect or residential or commercial designer which you will need to hire. We do have maintain a preferred list of architects to assist you, or we are happy to work with any architect you may already have in place.

Q: My house has had fire or water damage. Do you work with insurance companies?

A:  Yes.  We work with most all insurance companies, and are able to help you navigate through the process of repairing the damage.

Q: We would like to build an addition to our home. Do we have to get a permit?

A:  Yes, and that is a good thing.  Anytime you are adding square footage to your home, the city will require plans and a permit.  This insures that the work is completed correctly and up to safety and building standards.  It also assures that your square footage will be added to the county recorder’s office so that when you go to sell your home, that additional square footage is included in the selling price.

Q: I am opening a restaurant and have found a space I am interested in. Are you able to meet with me on site and discuss the options?

A:  Yes.  Often we are invited out to see a space before an owner has actually signed a lease.  They have questions like “will this space suit my needs” and “is there anything unusual with this space I need to know of.”  We are happy to meet with you, at no cost, to give our opinion, look over any plans you might have, and start putting together an estimate for bidding purposes.

Q: I need to hire a general contractor, but I already have an architect and an electrician I would like to use. Will you be able to work with them, or do you only work with your own subs?

A:  We are happy to work with any trade or subcontractor that is your preference.  We are here to help.

Q: I have a project I would like to start at my home/business. It’s a (remodel/addition/TI/office buildout). What’s my first step?

A:  You are here!  Give us a call and we can discuss what you have in mind, meet you at the property or site, and help lay out the process based on what we see.  It might include getting an architect involved, meeting with the City to see what they will approve, and then explaining the construction process from start to finish, including projected costs and timelines.

Q: I have an ugly, damaged property that I need to sell. It needs a lot of repairs and I don’t think it will do well on the market and would really prefer not to deal with the hassle, realtor fees, and out of pocket costs. Can you help?

A:  Yes!  We purchase distressed properties for cash.  Investment properties are a large part of Freeman Reiff through our Endless Possibilities division.  With our extensive knowledge of the market, construction, and real estate experience, we can offer you a top dollar cash price for such a property.  No endless documents to sign, no appraisals, no realtors and no repairs or out of pocket costs.  Plus, we can close in a week or so.  Easy!