Arizona Real Estate Investment Opportunities = Endless Possibilities!

Freeman Reiff Construction is extremely active in the fix and flip investment sector in Arizona.  Bill and Larry have always believed there are literally Endless Possibilities in the real estate investment market, which is why they proudly crowned this division of Freeman Reiff with the name “ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES, LLC.”


Endless Possibilities has a mission to purchase and refurbish distressed houses.  Yes, we too “buy ugly houses.”  And unlivable houses, unwanted houses, houses needing significant repair, broken houses, and houses that scare other “paint and carpet” investors away.  With our experience and connections in the construction industry and as Real Estate Agents, we can take an unloved, unwanted home, and make it the pride of the neighborhood!

We find houses through word of mouth, driving neighborhoods, the MLS, auctions, foreclosures, and through networking with other investors.  How does this play into our site?  Lots of ways.

  • If you find or have a distressed property to sell, let us know! We are willing to look it over and make you a cash offer. No hassles, no realtor fees, no appraisals to pass, no bank involvement, no repairs or out of pocket costs on your part. Plus, we can close very quickly, and you have confidence in knowing we are uber aware of the market, and construction repairs costs, so we can offer you the highest dollar for the property.
  • We offer cash incentives if you find us a distressed property that we in turn are able to purchase.
  • We strongly believe in working with investment partners through a variety of arrangements. Maybe you have a fix up house, we pay for and complete the remodel, then sell the home and share the profits equitably. Maybe you have money set aside for investments that you would like to invest with us and partner in a fix and flip. There are lots of ways to be involved, so don’t hesitate to give us a call to discuss.
  • We also invest in, purchase and repair distressed multi-family properties. Duplexes, triplexes, apartments, and condos.

Below are some residential fix and flips we have completed recently: